Improved Solderability With Reflowed Tin

What Is Reflowed Tin?

Reflowed tin is a process that results in improved solderability as opposed to standard electroplated tin. After a part has been electroplated with tin, the part is reheated above the melting point of the tin plating (greater than 450°F), then cooled.

Reduces The Internal Stresses Of Electroplating

Tin reflowing reduces the internal stresses that arise during the electroplating process that have been thought to contribute to tin whisker formation.

The Reflowed Tin Advantages

  • The reflow process improves the bond between the tin plating and the base material.
  • Parts treated with reflowed tin exhibit excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Reflowed tin provides a smooth attractive finish that is safe for food handling equipment.
  • Reflowed tin plating provides good thickness uniformity and a glossy surface finish.
  • Reflowed tin corrodes at a slower rate than regular tin plating.

Circuit Boards & Metallic Sheets

In the case of circuit board components, parts that have been reflowed also require less insertion force. Additionally, metallic strips or sheets that have been plated with tin and reflowed can later be stamped into complex part shapes because of the excellent formability and ductility of the tin.

Reflowed tin part
Reflowed Tin Part

Reflowed Tin Plating Is Lead Free

One of the major benefits of reflowed tin plating is that unlike solder plating, reflowed tin is lead free. As many industries are looking to remove lead from their products because of its health and environmental issues, reflowed tin is an attractive option.

RoHS Compliant

Reflowed tin is compliant with RoHS standards that govern the use of hazardous products in electronic products.

About Bright Tin

Bright Tin deposits cannot be reflowed.

An Uncommon Process

There are very few companies capable of reflowing tin. Hi-Tech Plating & The Tinning Company is one of the few companies in the United States that can perform reflowed tin plating for your application.

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