Tin Lead Plating Prevents Tin Whiskers

What Is Tin Lead Plating?

Tin Lead plating consists of the co-deposition of a layer of tin and lead onto a base part. A wide variety of tin-lead alloy compositions are used depending on the application and desired properties of the final product.

Easiest Alloys To Electroplate

Tin-lead alloys are the easiest alloys that can be electroplated. The electromotive potentials of each of the metals are almost the same, making co-deposition simple.

Controlling Metallic Bath Impurities Is Critical

However, control of metallic bath impurities is critical. For example, copper contaminants can cause issues with reflow and soldering, as well as affect the appearance of the plating. Therefore, it's essential that the tin-lead anodes and the plating bath be free of impurities. Hi-Tech's strong analytical capabilities are used to monitor and control all impurity levels.

Tin Lead Plating Advantages For The Electronics Industry

The electronics industry uses tin/lead because:

  • Tin lead melts at low temperatures.
  • Tin lead can be soldered easily by a wide variety of methods.
  • The alloys are relatively corrosion resistant.
  • The alloys are good electrical conductors.
  • The alloys are ductile and are not harmed by subsequent operations such as stamping.
  • The presence of lead stops the formation of tin whiskers.
  • Tin lead can be reflowed to further improve shelf life and most other properties.

Tin Lead Plating Specifications

Hi-Tech Plating produces Tin/Lead electro deposits per MIL-P-81728 (now cancelled but still in wide use), MIS-41177, and ASTM B579. Hi-Tech Plating is ISO 9001:2008/AS/EN/JISQ9100:2009 and NADCAP certified.

60/40 & 90/10 Tin/Lead Alloys

Hi-Tech Plating offers 60/40 and 90/10 Tin/Lead alloys in either matte or reflowed form, ensuring the highest quality results.

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