About Our Companies

About Hi-Tech Plating

Hi-Tech Plating is a RoHS compliant, ISO/AS and NADCAP certified electroplating facility located just outside Boston, Massachusetts.

Excellent Service Of The Highest Quality

At Hi-Tech Plating, we've developed a nation-wide reputation for excellent service of the highest quality. Our customers span a broad range of industries, including Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Telecommunication, RF, Chemical and Medical Industries.

The Ability To Do The Tough Jobs

At Hi-Tech Plating, we take pride in being able to do the particularly difficult jobs that other electroplaters cannot.

About The Tinning Company

Hi-Tech's sister company, The Tinning Company, was founded more than 100 years ago to Hot Tin the inside surfaces of copper pots and pans.

Specializing In Hot Tin Dipping & Hot Solder Dipping

Today, The Tinning Company has evolved into specialized metal finishing operation that offers Hot Tin Dipping (Pure Tin) and Hot Solder Dipping (60/40 Tin/Lead).

A Rare Expertise

The Tinning Company is one of the few companies in North America that can offer these Hot Tin Dip & Hot Solder Dip processes to the electronic as well as other industries.

About The Duncan Group

Hi-Tech Plating and The Tinning Company are proud members of the Duncan Group, a consortium of companies including Duncan Galvanizing that offer a variety of metal finishing surface treatments from electroplating, tinning, metal coating and galvanizing for items ranging from large steel girders and decorative architectural metal pieces to the smallest of electrical contacts.

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