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Precision Metal Finishing
Precious & Non-Precious Electroplating - ISO/AS & NADCAP Certified

Metal Finishing

Gold Plating
Gold Plating For Exceptional Corrosion Resistance & Excellent Conductivity
Gold Specifications MIL-G-45204 & ASTM B 488

Silver Plating
Silver Plating For High Electrical & Heat Conductivity & Low Contact Resistance
Silver Specifications QQ-S-365D & ASTM-B-700-97

Nickel Plating
Electroplated Nickel For Maximum Resistance To Atmospheric Corrosion
Nickel Specifications QQ-N-290, ASTM B-689-97, Mil-P-27418

Electroless Nickel
Electroless Nickel Plating For Longer Wear & Corrosion Resistance
RoHS Compliant - MIL-C-26074 & MIL-DTL-32119 AMS-2404, AMS-C-26074, ASTM B-733, ASTM-B-656

Copper Plating
Copper Plating For Excellent Electrical & Thermal Conductivity & Adhesion
Copper Specifications MIL-C-14550 & ASTM-B-734

Tin Plating
Tin Plating: Non-Toxic, Good Corrosion Resistance & Excellent Solderability
Tin Specification ASTM-B-545-97e1 & MIL-T-10727

Tin Lead Plating
Tin Lead Plating Prevents Tin Whiskers
Tin Lead Specifications MIL-P-81728, MIS-41177 & ASTM B579

Hot Tinning

Hot Tin Dip
Hot Tin Dip For Better Corrosion Resistance
Non-Toxic, Lead-Free & RoHS Compliant

Hot Solder Dip
Hot Solder Dip Prevents Rust & Oxidation
For Greater Wear & Corrosion Resistance

Specialty Process

Reflowed Tin
Improved Solderability With Reflowed Tin
Lead Free - Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Passivation Improves Corrosion Resistance
Stainless Steel Specifications ASTM A-967 & ASTM A-380


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