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Reflowed Tin
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What Do You Really Want From Your Metal Finishing Company?

Reliable, Repeatable Results. The First Time. Every Time.

Overplating, underplating, pitting, peeling, bad solder joints, poor corrosion resistance. Any of these problems can lead to failures or the shortened life of your electroplated part or worse - the failure of the entire system in which the part is used. What you really need is a quality metal finishing house that produces reliable, repeatable results. At Hi-Tech Plating & The Tinning Company, we build in quality, not just inspect it in. So you can be assured that you're receiving top quality plated parts - the first time and every time.

Specifications That Are Actually Met - Not Just Certified To

At Hi-Tech Plating & The Tinning Company, we use state-of-the-art analytic equipment to accurately measure the thickness and true elemental content of the plated coatings that we produce. And we verify the accuracy our XRF equipment daily to thickness standards that are calibrated yearly to National Institute of Standards & Technology requirements. So what does this mean to you? We actually meet specifications, not merely certify that they have been met.

NADCAP & ISO Certification

Hi-Tech Plating / Tinning Company is an ISO/AS and NADCAP certified metal finishing facility located just outside Boston, Massachusetts, that offers RoHS compliant finishes.

The Ability To Do The Tough Jobs

We rally around challenging plating opportunities and support our electroplating and hot tinning services with a world class organization that delivers to our customers, wherever they may be in the world, our promise of top quality production and impeccable service.

Improve Shelf Life, Corrosion Resistance, Prevent Rust & Oxidizing, & Increase Solderability By Hot Tin or Hot Solder Dipping 

Our ability to Hot Tin Dip and Hot Solder Dip really differentiate us from our competitors. There are very few facilities in North America where these processes are performed, and even fewer who can do so to our level of expertise.

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Industry Specifications

NADCAP Certification• NADCAP Certified

In 2007 we received our NADCAP Certification. Hi-Tech Plating is NADCAP certified for most of our offered services.

• ISO Certification

Both Hi-Tech Plating and The Tinning Company are AS/EN/JISQ9100:2009 and ISO9001:2008  certified.

• RoHS Compliant

Tin-Lead Plating and Hot Solder Dip are offered to satisfy our customers who express a need for those deposits. All other processes performed by Hi-Tech Plating are RoHS compliant.

• Conflict Metals

Click here to download the company's statement of compliance in regards to "Conflict Metals".